You're Helping

These are some comments from those that have been helped by The Rolphie Fund.

“Thank you so much for contributing to students in need, it is the best cause I can think of to make a difference in the county. Many thanks again, your dedication to students is overwhelming.”

High School Student

“The relief you provide with every dollar you make available to our students is invaluable. We need to let you know, more often, how it makes our day to be able to be part of this program. The graciousness of our students, the smiles on their faces and the fun they have builds happy memories for all of us.”

Guidance Counselor

“Your thoughtfulness, at a very difficult time in our community, cannot even be measured. We want to assure you that your generous, thoughtful gifts will be used to benefit our students and help met their needs toward their success in school.”

High School Principal

“I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things the Rolphie Fund did for the Schoharie Flood Families this past year.”


“This is just a big Thank You for all you have done for my little boy. He is so excited about Christmas and I know when Christmas 2011 is finally here he is going to be on cloud nine. You folks have made his dreams come true and I want to thank you because without your help it could not have happened. Thanks so much and God bless you all!”